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Trusted Test Safety Assessment

Wallet Safety Test / Audit

Exchange Security Audit

ASC intelligent contract audit

Public chain security audit

Zhizi security threat awareness monitoring

“Prevent hackers”Service

The AUROR Data Sensing System

Safety Consultancy Services

Attack traceability and Digital asset recovery

About Us

Beijing Interconsensus Information Technology Co., Ltd is founded by core members of the well-known security team from Baidu, 360 Enterprise Security Group, Kanxue Research Institute and so on. They have provided security capabilities for Internet companies such as Microsoft, Google, 360, Tencentand Facebook.

We established the John Wick Security Lab to create the most comprehensive and in-depth securityservice solution for the blockchain and to safeguard the eco-safety of the blockchain.

The company adheres to the core concept of “know attack, good defense” and provides services such asdeep penetration testing, smart contract auditing, overall security solutions, third partymonitoring and early warning, and threat intelligence output around the blockchain ecosystem.

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